Delfs' Introductory Program gives you up to two private TaeKwon-Do lessons. This is a great opportunity to try out our program and learn about TaeKwon-Do. If you think you might feel uncomfortable starting a TaeKwon-Do program don't worry. Many other people have felt the same way. We found that our private introductory program makes it possible for you to attend classes more comfortably by knowing what will happen in class and being able to perform some basic techniques.


Our introductory instructor will teach you basic punches, kicks and blocks. They will explain proper form and practice with you. We will teach you about the values of TaeKwon-Do. Parents will learn how Delfs' TaeKwon-Do classes are structured and how instruction and correction are used to educate the student.


Our introductory program is design to expose the student to this martial art. It is important that both parents ( of students under 18 yrs.) attend. Having family support allows students to feel comfortable and also encourages the student to succeed. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member to participate in the lesson if it will make you feel more comfortable.


The cost is only $19.95 for both lessons. To book your lessons call Delfs' at 905.775.8760. Our introductory lessons are by appointment only so please call ahead. Please give us a quick courtesy call if you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson. You first lesson will last about 30 minutes.


"As a mentor and teacher, my life evolves around my commitment to the martial arts and fitness. I am enthusiastic about learning and the challenge of teaching self- improvement.
As a student I trained hard learning valuable skills from my instructor. Now as a teacher I share my knowledge and experience with my students. Looking back I never had imagined that TaeKwon-Do would have contributed so much to my success, both personally and professionally. Let me help you to discover what TaeKwon-Do is all about.”

Master Charles Delfs