Membership Transfer

All memberships may be transferred to another person. Some conditions apply.

Time Memberships 
You may transfer the remaining time of your membership to another person. The applicable transfer fee will apply. If the receiver is an existing member your time will be added to theirs If they are a new member their expiry date will be the same as yours and your membership will be canceled.

EASYPay Membership 
All pre authorized memberships may be transferred even if the mandatory six months are not up. When filling out the membership transfer form please state if you wish to continue paying for the new person or they will be paying for themselves. The applicable transfer fee will apply.

Black Belt Memberships
Black belt membership may be transferred ONLY ONCE. The receiver will become a black belt member but will not be able to transfer their membership again.

Transfer Fee Schedule

  • Gym Memberships $25

  • TaeKwon-Do Time Memberships $50

  • TaeKwon-Do Time Black Belt Memberships $100

  • All other programs $25

All fees subject to change without notice.

Membership Cancelation

E-Pay memberships may be cancelled provided that you meet the following requirements:

  • The minimum membership term time required term has been fulfilled
  • Your account is in good standing and there are no outstanding N.S.F. fees or charges

All preauthorized memberships require a minimum of 10 Business days notice before cancellation, there are no refunds for unused membership time,

There is no reason to cancel time memberships but they may be placed on hold.

Delfs’ does not allow online membership cancellation. membership may only be stopped by completing a membership cancellation form available from our member services desk at the club.

Delfs’ does not accept telephone requests for cancellations.

Factors to consider before stopping your membership:

  • Let us find a solution. Some members stop their membership because they do not realize the value of the membership. Simply stated they have not received the benefits of health, wellness & fitness. If you have not been happy with the results of exercise then let us know and we will set you up with one of our trainers free of charge to help get you on track.
  • Delfs’ Price Rate Guarantee means that you are locked in at your current membership rate for as long as you remain an active member. When you stop and then restart your membership you will restart at the current rate which may be much more then you would be saving if you placed it on hold.
  • Delfs’ Membership Hold Program: We can time freeze your membership for a period of up to four months. This is a popular option for our members that are traveling or taking the summer off.